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"Beauty is a need. Art is a way of implementing this need."A.Z





"Art falls under the pressure of Beauty. Long live Beauty, Art's reason to still spring forth!" A.Z





"Beauty does not need to be pretty ... it does not need to be anything." A.Z





"While still in art school, I saw Leon Tarasewicz's art exhibition. I thought I was learning all of this (drawing, the rules of perspective, anatomy ...), only to never use it again. Today, I'd gladly enclose the whole world in one spot (lantern). And I know that to do it well, I need to use everything that I have learnt..." A.Z



"Differences taken seriously - divide.

Taken with (from) distance - teach and amuse." A.Z



"The Complete Artist paints like each painting is the last one, whereas Artysta Z(a)myślony (The Thoughtful/Imaginative Artist) paints like each painting is the first one..." A.C.Z



"You can't deceive by giving hope. You can lie to not kill it." A.Z/P.G




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