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Lighter - The Thoughtful, Imaginative Artist

- Group B


Małgorzata Pindel Kryjak: A painter (Art School in Bielsko Biała, diploma with distinction, Berlin - Dachboden painting studio), performer (Group B), art historian (University of Silesia). Producer and seeker of emotions, treating paintings-objects as a whole, from handmade frames to a signature that is a distortion of a lantern/ladder and an element of composition. ”Creates from A to Z“. She reached her artistic maturity in 2019. After many years of exploration, The History of Creation, Rejection, and Art have become HA - MAKOM. It is a conscious space for MEETING the known with the unknown, experience and professionalism with their abscence. A meeting of a Creator with a Perceiver. Gosia's with St. James. Of "You and Me". It is "This Place", where a literal and individual need of both sensing and expressing beauty is celebrated.  An encounter, whose sign - THE LANTERN - is the main theme of the oeuvre, a universal symbol of hope, a pathway and a destination.

Artworks of the artist were presented by international curators and artistic foundations such as one of the most important in India Aakriti Art Foundation.

The artist's paintings can be found amongst a few collections and the main offices of European companies, in capitals like Warsaw, Rome, Berlin and London. They are valued for their intuition, sincerity and independently developed individual style. Their distinctive feature lies within the apparent excess of forms of expression that define emotion. Gildings recall longtime masters of the craft, texture's sumptuousness searches for avant-garde, neon colours represent modern tendencies, and frames indicate fine craftsmanship.




"Art falls under the pressure of Beauty. Long live Beauty, Art's reason to still spring forth!" A.Z




2020. The History of Creation

 - Ha -Makom.From the relation to the emanation. MOK. Individual exhibition. Sucha Beskidzka

 - Factory. Bauhaus Home Gallery. Collective exhibition. Rome

 - XV environmental exhibition MOK. Collective exhibition. Sucha Beskidzka

 - Premio ARTEmide. Biennale I. Collective exhibition. Rome

 - OPENMIND - International Curatorial Project


2019. The History of Creation

 - XVIII Salon Wielkopolski. International Cultural Centre. Collective exhibition. Czarnków

 - The 14th International Autumn Salon of Art. BWA Contemporary Art Gallery. Collective exhibition. Ostrów Świętokrzyski

 - Rome Art Week. Bauhaus Home Gallery. Collective exhibition. Rome

 - Finalist of nationwide contest "A co z wartościami?". The Depot History Centre. Collective exhibition. Wrocław

 - Władysław Front Open Air Exhibition. Cultural Centre. Collective exhibition. Stryszawa

 - Targi Sztuki Dostępnej. Warsaw

 - Pieces of art to go. Bator Art Gallery. Szczyrk

 - Art Nordic. Sales and art exhibition. Copenhagen

 - Spotkanie z pejzażem. Gallery of Anna Magdziarz. Solo exhibition. Bielsko-Biała


2014-2019. Thoughtful Period - Artist's identity search


2014. The History of Art

  - Free the Fish. Group B. Documented independent performance. National Museum. Kraków


2004-2014. Imaginary Period - Artist's identity rejection


2004. The History of Rejection

   - Barleben Horizons. Open air exhibition. Germany - Saxony

   - "Dachboden". Dankemalstrasse. Art studio. Berlin.

   - Landscape. P.M.K. Alt Tegel. Solo exhibition. Berlin


2003.  - Small Exhibition Corneliusgasse. Open Air Exhibition. Vienna


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